People should want to engage with marketing to truly enrich their lives.

    Our specialized agencies create consumer-first experiences that drive brand goals.


  • Full-service is lip service.

    Changing the trajectory of a brand requires the stomach for a thrill ride.

    We’re not just a partner, we are audacious, a collection of uniquely talented marketing and customer experience agencies who revel in uncovering actionable opportunities versus solving one-off problems. All so brands can unlock outcomes faster.


    Each agency is equipped with smart yet practical people, enabling technology and resources best suited to the task at hand. As such, we are not full-service campaign pushers; rather, we choose to serve distinct, business-imperative needs:


    Audacious Studios - August United

    Influencer-led marketing, creator led social media.

    August United is an industry-leading influencer marketing agency that unites impressive brands with impressive people. We help both leading and challenger brands cut through the sea of sameness by producing influencer marketing programs and creator led social media campaigns that move people to action.

    Audacious Studios - Tailwind

    Tailwind is a performance marketing agency.

    We champion real world results by developing best in class comprehensive marketing strategies that unite our industry-wide expertise with your brand’s unique vision.

  • Three distinct agencies.

    One aligned management.

    Under our one roof are teams satisfying unique needs. Yet these teams play well together too. They challenge themselves to think how they can combine efforts when it benefits and accelerates a client's goal, all in a way that is seamless for the people we serve.

    Audacious Studios - Lacey Brown

    Chief Strategy & Creative Officer

    August United

    Audacious Studios - Katie Marti

    Managing Director


    Audacious Studios - Katie Marti


    Cast & Hue


    Audacious Studios - Margie Traylor

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Audacious Studios

    Audacious Studios - Bret Giles


    Audacious Studios

    Audacious Studios - Katie Marti

    Chief Financial Officer

    Audacious Studios

    Audacious Studios - Katie Marti

    VP of Talent

    Audacious Studios

    Audacious Studios - Katie Marti




    Audacious Studios

  • the.curious.muse

    index card ramblings on how brands can best serve people.

    audacious outlasts and outperforms cautious

    In marketing, audacity outperforms caution. Earmarking your budget to the tried-and-true because it's what you know and have confidence in unwittingly gives room for more nimble and adventurous others to learn and grow through speed and a hacker mentality.


    Effective marketing today means: Planning. Testing. Learning. Resetting. And doing this on an ongoing basis. If we look at facts, not anecdotes, we can continually improve and do so from a zero-based budget that iterates from what works and favors action over caution.

    audacious: an intervention for the ridiculous

    Yes, it's absolutely ridiculous: intaking information, then locking away the "experts" in a room for a month, only to reveal the "perfect" solution in a beautifully orchestrated, dramatic unveiling. Yet that's par for the course in ad land.


    Audacious involves the true experts, you as a brand and the people your brand serves, through every step of the process. And doing so in environments outside the agency "war room." No surprises, no ultimate unveiling; rather, collaborating for the best outcome.

    audacious owns, while precarious rents

    Why invest heavily in short-term transactions that come through the one-time renting of eyes and ears owned by publishers and broadcasters? It's quite a precarious situation for long-term relationships.


    For the audacious like Red Bull, Volvo Trucks and others, it's about making your own media so that you can engage in sustained, valuable relationships with the people you serve - no intermediary necessary.



    audacious targets where egregious transacts

    Egregious: Expecting a larger share of voice or wallet spending media dollars in the exact same way, accepting the immense waste in buying "thousands" or "points," a vestige of non-targeting through mass media.


    Audacious: Earning your right to a larger share of wallet by providing what people want exactly when they need it, be it through paid or made media. Decreased waste for you means decreased interruptions for the people you serve: win-win.

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